How It Works

The Bighorn Stabilizer has two reinforced channels that slide onto the ladder. Each has a spring-loaded latch that secures it to the ladder rung. Simple quick and easy to install. No modifications required.

The stainless steel legs and rubberized feet easily adjust to the pitch of your roof. Simply remove the pin, set the leg length and re-insert your pin. A hole is provided for anchoring the stabilizer when used on new construction.

Spring Steel tab provides full contact with the ladder rail when the Thumb Screw is tightened.

Anti-slip Tape is installed on the Stabilizer Arc Handles to provide a sure grip on the handle.

Gutter Hooks fasten the stabilizer to the rain gutter. Hooks secure the ladder to the gutter while inhibiting both lateral movement and separation from the roof.

Three (3) Thumb Screws secure the Bighorn Stabilizer to your ladder rails. Thumb screws provide alignment to your ladder rails.

Highly visible Caution Tape, Safety Guarding and Warning decals have been provided to support operator safety.

Removable Poly Caps allow for ladders with Molded End Caps to protrude through the channels.

Poly strip is attached to the underside of the channels providing protection to the rain gutter.

Bighorn Stabilizer can be folded for transport onto a vehicle roof top carrier or to be stored in your garage.