About Us

As Ben Johnson was observing his neighbor climbing up a ladder to put up Holiday lights, he felt there had to be a safer way for her and others to accomplish household chores that involved using a ladder. Fearing for her safety, he went to work designing a support for an extension ladder that would brace against the roof of a building. The first prototype was effective but heavy and a bit cumbersome so he went back to the design board and developed another "stabilizer" using aluminum and stainless steel. This ladder stabilizer arms fold together for easy storage and travel.

Our Team

Chad Johnson

Ben Johnson

How Bighorn Helps You

The Bighorn Stabilizer is a tool that helps improve the stability and safety of ladder-based tasks. It has several features that contribute to its effectiveness, including reinforced channels that slide onto the ladder and are secured with a spring-loaded latch, adjustable stainless steel legs and rubberized feet, a spring steel tab that provides full contact with the ladder rail, anti-slip tape on the arc handles, gutter hooks that fasten the stabilizer to the rain gutter, and three thumb screws that secure the stabilizer to the ladder rails. The Bighorn Stabilizer is also equipped with caution tape, safety guarding, and warning decals to support operator safety, and it can be folded for transport or storage.